Network Notepad Pro 1.3.118 Free Download + Crack [Latest]

Network Notepad

Network Notepad Pro Crack

Network Notepad Pro Crack is a new and useful software for creating graphics related to computer networks and text conversations. With Network Notepadsoft, users can use all kinds of network devices such as routers, switches, computer systems as objects in the drawing and connect them via communication lines. In the digital world, the word “network” means a connection to a computer network. The software that we have prepared for you, dear visitors, in this article gives you the opportunity to connect with each other while installing different network devices. This software can be thought of as a visual simulation tool for communication between network devices. Its popular and widely used hardware in computer networks enables users to view maps.

Network Notepad Free Download

Straightforward interface
After going through a surprise-free and quick installation process, you come face to face with a UI that can only be described as being simple. It only includes a menu bar, a few shortcut buttons and a pane to display your diagrams o show charts.

Considering all this, it becomes clear that all users can learn how to handle it with great ease, including those with little or no experience in the IT world.

Extensions, options and tools you can use
This software utility supports import from formats such as NDG and CSV, while export is available for NDG, CSV, PNG, GIF and BMP files, or you can always save items as templates.

Network Notepad Professional Edition integrates quite a large number of configurable options you can take advantage of. To be more accurate, you can insert text and a large number of object templates, such as arrows, backbones, buildings, LAN items, people and title blocks.

It is possible to bookmark diagrams and objects, align-items, lock or anchor them, as well as format text style. You can display IP addresses, automatically align items, and show or hide gridlines and link nodes. A search function can be used, and you can undo or redo actions, zoom in and out, and copy, cut, paste or delete elements.

Key Features And Highlights:

  • Simple hardware management and easy network graphics creation.
  • Everything has the right category.
  • Simple user interface.
  • It is possible to print the results.
  • Write the web component carefully.
  • Support for flowcharts.
  • And hold on too much.

System Requirements:

  • Operating System: Windows 2000 / XP / Vista / 7/8 / 8.1 / 10 (x86-x64)
  • Language: M.
  • Medicine: freeware / crack
  • Size: 2,27 / 3,59 MB.

What’s new in Network Notepad Pro?

  • Compatibility — It’s a major rewrite using Microsoft .NET, so it offers better compatibility and stability with the latest Windows operating systems compared to the freeware edition.
  • Zoom — Work with and edit diagrams at any zoom level.
  • Resolution — Draft, Fine and Superfine modes for improved graphics and printing.
  • Rotate — Rotate text and rotate objects to any angle. Drag-and-Rotate.
  • Workspace — Supports larger workspace bitmap / larger diagrams.
  • Multi-page diagrams — Add as many pages to a diagram/ document as you wish and access the pages instantly using the onscreen page tabs.
  • Custom shapes — Create your own customizable shapes inside of Network Notepad Professional Edition.
  • Grouping and Locking — Combine two or more objects to make composite objects.
  • Auto-align links — Can be enabled for a link style or for an individual link so that connection alignment is maintained horizontally and vertically.
  • Library Search — Find objects in all of your libraries using keywords. Save the result as a new library.
  • Enhanced Link Styles — New lightning and curve link styles.
  • Template Diagrams — When you start a new diagram, select from the list of templates to set the page size, orientation, link styles, and any default drawing such as a title block and border.

How to Crack, Register or Activate Network Notepad Pro?

  1. First Download Network Notepad Pro Crack
  2. Download and extract files
  3. Install the Setup
  4. Close the software
  5. Copy/Paste Crack file into the installation folder of Network Notepad
  6. Now run software
  7. Done!


What is Network Notepad?
Network Notepad Pro Crack is the new and useful program name for computer network graphic design and text expressions. With Network Notepadsoftware, users can use all types of network equipment such as routers, switches, computer systems, etc. as objects in the diagram and connect them using connection lines. The term “network” in the digital world means that computer systems communicate with one another. The programs we have prepared for you, dear visitors, in this article, provide you with the ability to establish contacts with each other while installing various network equipment. This program can be considered a visual simulation tool for communication between network equipment.

How much does it cost in Dollars/ Euros/ my currency?
Fill out the Order Form and click through to Paypal. Paypal will give you the price in your local currency. You can cancel at that point if you are not ready to purchase.

Can I transfer a license to another PC?
Yes. The latest License Manager enables self-service license transfers.

Will you be writing a version for Linux/ Android/ iPhone?
Maybe when .Net Core has progressed.

I’ve switched from a dual monitor setup to a single monitor and now the application starts off the screen.
Select Network Notepad on the taskbar.
Press Wind+Shift+Arrow to move the window to the monitor on the left or right.

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