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Universal USB Installer

Universal USB Installer Crack Download

Universal USB Installer is a free application that lets people create bootable USB drives to store an operating system. Created and released by Pen Drive Linux, UUI is the predecessor of YUMI. While UUI can store only one distribution, YUMI is able to keep multiple items within a multiboot folder on the USB flash drive.

Universal USB Installer Free Download

Step-by-step approach
The whole process of copying a Linux distribution on a removable USB device has been designed as a wizard, so you just need to follow a total of three steps to get the job done.

Pick the desired Linux distribution
First of all, choose the Linux distribution you wish to use. It doesn’t really matter whether you want Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Xubuntu or Linux Mint, Universal USB Installer supports them all.

Grab Linux distributions from the Internet or specify the ISO file
And not only that the application comes with support for both older and newer versions of the most popular Linux distributions, but it also provides direct download links to lend you a hand in case you don’t have the ISO file on your local hard disk.

Provide the ISO path
Secondly, you need to provide the location to the ISO and it doesn’t matter whether you downloaded it through Universal USB Installer or the file was already there on the hard disk.

Select the USB drive
And the last step, choose the USB drive you wish to use, decide whether a format is necessary and set a persistent file size for storing changes. The bigger, the better.

After that, just wait. It doesn’t take more than five minutes and Universal USB Installer does an amazing job, proving to be very effective for most of the supported Linux distributions.

Key Features And Highlights:

  • All Windows ISO files are supported.
  • Linux ISO images are also supported.
  • Create Bootable USB Pen Drive.
  • No Error of Invalid ISO Image.
  • Also Support Live USB Creation.
  • Steps are super easy to install Windows from USB.
  • Create Antivirus Live CD
  • Disinfect USB Viruses.

Minimum Requirements:

  • Operating System: Win 8.1 / Win 7 / Win 8 / Vista / 7 / XP
  • Memory (RAM): 256 MB
  • Hard Disk Space: 50 MB
  • Processor: Intel Pentium III
  • FAT32 or NTFS Formatted Flash Drive

What is the difference between NTFS and FAT32?

Next to the selected USB device, you can choose between the FAT32 and NTFS formatted drives. If your USB is less than 32GB, then mark the box next to FAT32. For USB keys that are larger than 32GB, select the NTFS box. Click on the box that appears after selecting the format: ‘Wipe Entire’.

Before pressing ‘Create’, review the selections within the window to verify that the information is ready. Additionally, within the lower-left corner of the user interface, UUI links their home, FAQ, and recommended flash drive pages for you to easily access during the process.

Once ‘Create’ has been pressed, a warning notification will appear to tell you to back up your data because the software deletes information on the USB sticks: partitions, volumes, etc. Read through the list to ensure that you agree with the steps. If you choose ‘Yes’, then a loading bar will arise to detail and show the progress. Once the content has finished uploading, press ‘Close’. You can now unplug and use your bootable USB drive.

What’s new in
Universal USB Installer?

  • Added Wipe option to reformat and restore a USB flash drive.
  • Included a Try via DD option.
  • Updated Archbang and Archlinux to use dd rawwrite method.
  • Updated AmogOS download link.

Pros and Cons:

  • Easy three-stage installation.
  • Make a bootable Linux drive.
  • Experiment with Linux builds.
  • Potential compatibility problems.

How to Install Linux on a USB Stick?

With Universal USB Installer it is very easy to install any Linux distro on your Pendrive because you only have to follow the steps that are indicated on the interface:

  1. Step 1. Select from the vast amount of distributions that the application offers you to install it on your Pendrive.
  2. Step 2. Find the corresponding ISO or ZIP file on your hard drive. If you can’t find it, Universal USB Installer will offer you the possibility to download the ISO of the distribution you have chosen to save it on your hard drive and use it with the application.
  3. Step 3. Finally, connect your Pendrive to the USB port and select the corresponding option.

Once you have performed these steps, it will start the installation of the distro you have chosen. Take into account that it’s advisable to format the USB device to obtain a clean installation, but that if you do so you will lose all the information that it contains.

How to Install and Activate?

  1. First Download Universal USB Installer
  2. Launch the program (run the exe file)


What is the use of Universal USB Installer?
Universal USB Installer (UUI) is an open-source live Linux USB flash drive creation software. It allows users to create a bootable live USB flash drive using an ISO image from a supported Linux distribution, antivirus utility, system tool, and Microsoft Windows installer.

Is Universal USB Installer safe?
The Universal USB Installer is an open-source freeware that developers can create their own coded versions of and release to the public. To ensure that the software is safe for PC devices, download the original version instead of developed variations.

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